Why were there so many Korean concubines and eunuchs in the harem of the Yuan Dynasty?

Why were there so many Korean concubines and eunuchs in the harem of the Yuan Dynasty?
In fact, there were a large number of Koryo women in the harem of the Yuan Dynasty. according to incomplete statistics, Koryo paid tribute to more than 1500 women in Dayuan, most of whom went into the palace. "since the beginning, most of the envoys in the palace have been Korean women."

one, the Secret of the Great Khan Palace

Kublai Khan established the "upper capital" and built the magnificent Xiaoyao Palace, where the Shenhe Alfu flows through unfathomable caves and pours into the sea where the sun is not visible. There were ten miles of fertile soil, surrounded by city walls and towers, bright gardens, winding streams, cloves and cardamom, and the woods were as old as hills, surrounded by sunny meadows.

this is the beginning of Kublai Khan, a lyric poem by the English romantic poet Coleridge, which depicts the mysterious and magnificent upper capital, an oriental secret land imagined for Westerners, condensed with honey dew and a spring flowing with milk. The poet also imagines an Abyssinian girl (Ethiopia in present-day Africa) who plays the strings and spreads fairy music that can outline palaces in the air.

of course, these scenes are just a figment of the author's imagination. The poet knows little about the Mongol-Yuan Empire, and the poetic image comes from a dream he had after smoking opium. But the capital and capital of the Yuan Dynasty built by Kublai Khan are indeed magnificent. Ten thousand palaces are deep and secret. Among them, there are no young girls in Abyssinia who play the piano, but there are beautiful beauties who play the pipa. It is recorded in the Li Palace people's Pipa introduction by Jie Gong Si in the Yuan Dynasty: "there are people in Li Palace who are good at pipa, and they are lucky to enter the palace with a good family in the 19th year of the Yuan Dynasty, which is better than Zhao Jun." This Li Gong man is Koryo.

in fact, there are a large number of Koryo women in the harem of the Yuan Dynasty. according to incomplete statistics, Koryo paid tribute to more than 1500 women to Dayuan, most of whom went into the palace. "since the beginning of Zheng, most of them have been Korean women." In addition to the palace maids, there are a large number of Korean eunuchs in the Yuan Palace. There was no palace punishment in the Yuan Dynasty, and eunuchs were basically imported from the Korean Peninsula without recruiting eunuchs from the people.

Why is the harem full of Koryo in a large empire dominated by the Mongolian and dominated by the Han nationality? This is closely related to the relationship between the Yuan Dynasty and Koryo.

II, from plunder to tribute: the history of Koryo's entry into the Yuan Dynasty

in 1225, Mongolia attacked Koryo on the pretext that Koryo killed the Mongol messengers. In the following 30 years, Mongolia launched six wars of aggression against Koryo. Due to the tenacious resistance of Koryo's army and people, Koryo was not destroyed by Mongolia, but the Mongolian army burned and looted all the way, which caused serious damage to Koryo's economy.

the Mongol army plundered countless people in the war against Koryo. Only in 1254, Koryo was robbed by the Mongol army of more than 206800 people. The men and women were dragged to markets in Liaodong and Hebei to sell them. Hao Jing, a native of the Yuan Dynasty, said in a poem: "it is pitiful to sell the population to Youyan, to borrow Koryo money year after year, and to list people in the snow." In this way, many Koryo prisoners entered the mansion of Mongolian princes and aristocrats as trophies. The male is the slave servant, and the female is the maidservant and concubine. From then on, the figure of Koryo people began to appear in the inner courtyard of Mongolia's deep palace.

because Koryo could not be conquered for a long time, the Yuan government was forced to adjust its policy towards Koryo, changing "suppression" to "caressing". Kublai Khan agreed with Koryo to negotiate peace. Gaoli and the Yuan Dynasty became the "niece's country". They recognized the Yuan Dynasty as their uncle and thought they belonged to the Yuan Dynasty. The Yuan Dynasty ensured that Koryo's national system was intact and withdrew its troops from Koryo.

in order to ensure the stability of this vassal relationship, Gaoli Yuanzong coaxed the uncle of the Yuan Dynasty and sent an envoy to Dadu in 1270. "Xiaobang asked for marriage in order to seek a good fate. No, no, no. When you get married, Xiao Bang will serve forever. " Kublai Khan agreed to marry his daughter, Lord Qi, to the son of Koryo. This was the beginning of Yuan Li's intermarriage, and then the seven queens of Koryo were princesses of the Yuan Dynasty.

since the upper kingdom and lower kingdom of China married the princess, then Koryo should also say something. "since you are a family with me, it is advisable to intermarry with him, otherwise it would be righteous for the family. My emperor Taizu toured the Thirteen Kingdoms, and his king competed to offer beauties, good horses and treasures, as I have heard. " The Yuan government has made it clear that good nephew, you should be filial to your uncle Dayuan. King Koryo understood it and immediately sent an envoy to Yuan Hezheng and paid tribute to the female tribute.

probably during the previous crusade against Koryo, the Mongolian aristocracy felt that the Koryo female prisoners captured were beautiful and obedient, and the Yuan government loved Koryo women very much. Keep asking for women from Koryo. In the Yuan Dynasty, tribute women to the Yuan court were basically customized, elected every year, and paid tribute every year. For this reason, the Koryo government specially set up a "marriage capital prison" to be responsible for searching for women to be sent to the Yuan Dynasty.

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similar to Gong Nu, Gaoliguo also paid tribute to eunuchs to Dayuan. There was no eunuch system in the Yuan Dynasty. After the destruction of the Southern Song Dynasty, some eunuchs were obtained from the Song Palace. It was found that these eunuchs were quite reassuring in the harem, a place with many female relatives. It is a pity that the eunuchs left over from the Southern Song Dynasty are in stock, and when they are consumed, they will be gone. Just conquered Koryo, but let Koryo fill the gap. Koryo people are deeply influenced by Han farming culture and bear hardships and stand hard work. It works well. In this way, the position of eunuchs in the harem of the Yuan Dynasty was basically reserved for Koryo.

third, anti-guest mainly: the powerful Koryo eunuchs and imperial concubines

tribute women and eunuchs live in the inner court. On the surface, they are only the emperor's attendants and domestic slaves, doing nothing but household chores to serve tea and water, and tribute women also have the duty to accompany them to eat and sleep. However, because they were in the center of the highest power, close to the emperor, clever in doing things, or good-looking, they were easily favored by the emperor, thus gaining high power, and influenced the government, and even appeared a high-ranking official, a Koryo eunuch who gave birth to the great power.

Fang Chenyou, a native of Gaoli Shangzhou (located in the west of Gyeongsangbei Road, South Korea), used to wait on Kublai's married daughter Princess Qi. Perhaps it is because he is good at observing words and expressions, and is smart and flexible. Quite popular with the princess, the princess sent it to China and gave it to his brother, Prince Zhenjin.

Fang Chenyou continued to give full play to his skills and won the favor of Crown Prince Zhenjin and Crown Princess Kuokuo. Although the life of Prince Jin is short, no.Can inherit Dabao. But Timur, the son of Zhenjin, ascended the throne and became Yuan Chengzong. Fang Chen you, as a celebrity in the broad eyes of the Empress Dowager, can be described as the power of the government and the opposition, covering the sky with one hand. And go through seven dynasties without falling down.

Fang Chenyou had such an influence on the imperial government that he could determine the fate of the princes. The Emperor Wuzong of the Yuan Dynasty made King Gao Li Zhong Xuan King Shen and gave places around Shenyang, Liaoning Province to Koryo. That area used to be a happy place for Hou Hong in Shenyang. Hong Zhongxi was very dissatisfied with the new officer on his head. At the time of Yuan Renzong, he went to sue King Gao Lizhong for "not abiding by the law and wanton violence". Standing on the side of King Koryo, Fang Chen Youzuo said in the Empress Dowager's reply that Hong Chongxi was "wanton plotting to reply". So the hapless Hong Zhongxi stole the rice without success, was stripped of his title and sentenced to exile.

compared with eunuchs, Gaoligong women have a higher upper limit of development. If a woman in the harem is spoiled by emperors, she can become a favourite concubine, and may even become the queen of the world. After the Yuan Dynasty, the power was extremely heavy, and the eunuchs in the court were Koryo fellow-townsmen. "when the fellow-townsman saw the fellow-townsman, his eyes were full of tears." the fellow-townsmen hugged each other, and the concubine of Koryo and Koryo eunuch combined, so they became a political clique that could influence the government. The Koryo women of the Yuan Dynasty became empresses after Yuan Renzong, Jin Dama Shili, Xu Shi Boyan Huudu, as well as the most brilliant and powerful Emperor Yuanshun, the Qishi Wudu.

third, the strange queen

comes from a low background, and his father, Qi Ziao, is an idle official of five qualities. After entering the palace, he attached his fellow-villager Gaoli eunuch Gao Longpu and got the opportunity to pour tea for Emperor Yuan Shun. Because of its beauty and cleverness, it was loved by Shun Emperor and was lucky for many times. At that time, the empress of Zhenggong was Danasri, the daughter of Yan Timur, a powerful minister. Yan Tiemu was the same figure as Huo Guang. Shundi was very afraid of it, so Nasri was invincible in the palace. Nasri was very jealous of Qi's and found fault with her many times. "if I don't believe it, I can't kill you, you cheap hoof." "count the humiliation".

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"there is still a day to clarify the Yellow River, how can there be no luck?" Yan Tiemuer's son was punished for rebellion, the Yantiemuer party completely collapsed, and Danasri was abandoned as a common man. Qi Shi was finally liberated and was named the second queen. Qi Shi also gave birth to Shundi two sons, Tuo Gu Si Timur and Ai you Li Dala.

in 1353, Ai you Li Dala was crowned crown prince, and her mother was proud of her son. Qi's limelight surpassed that of the new great empress Boyan Hudu (after the death of the great queen, Qi Shi naturally sat in the palace). Qi Shi is a very political-minded woman. She takes filial piety scriptures and history books if there is nothing to do, and interviews with empresses of all dynasties have virtuous deeds as the law to cultivate her reputation. When there was a famine in the capital, Qi contributed to the disaster relief, thus buying the hearts and minds of the people. In the middle of the dynasty, a political group with a confidant eunuch Pu Buhua and a minister Ju thought as the backbone was gradually formed.

Emperor Yuanshun slackened his political affairs and was addicted to alcohol. Qi Shi took the opportunity to start her earth-shaking action-forcing Emperor Yuanshun's "inner Zen" to give way to Prince Aiyou. Qi Shi invited Prime Minister he only into the harem to have wine through Park Buhua, so that he only acted with them to engage in a coup. As a result, he only refused. So the Qihuang gang against the false accusation that he only formed a party for selfish purposes, plotting evil. Forced him to resign and kill himself. And used it to crack down on the opposition and eliminated a large number of dissidents.

what the strange queen did also aroused the vigilance of Emperor Yuanshun. The Emperor Shundi knew it was bad, but he didn't see a strange queen in two months. After seeing the signs revealed, he envisioned forcing the palace through the influence of warlords. At the end of the Yuan Dynasty, the relationship between the two warlords Boro Timur and Wang Baobao was at odds with each other. Qihou actively supported Wang Baobao, suppressed Boro Timur, and wanted to seize power through Wang Baobao's military strength. Under her encouragement, a large-scale civil war broke out within the Yuan ruling clique. But in the end, it turned out to be the opposite of the strange queen's imagination, Polo Timur, who ran away from the crown prince and Wang Baobao, invaded Dadu, killed Pu Buhua, thought warden and other parties, and imprisoned the strange queen.

later, Emperor Yuanshun was dissatisfied with the dictatorship of BroTimur and secretly assassinated him and sent his head to the prince to make peace with the prince and son. Wang Baobao escorted the prince back to the capital and learned that Qi's mother and son used him to usurp the throne. Deeply influenced by Confucian loyalty, Wang Baobao thought that Qi's mother and son were deceiving him to be a disorderly subject and thief, so he drew a clear line with Qi. The plot of the strange queen to usurp the throne was completely dashed.

the storm caused by Queen Qi finally died down, but the Yuan Dynasty, which was already shaky and turbulent in the storm of the peasant uprising, became even more angry. Emperor Yuanshun said, "Today, under the division of Tu Xinjiang, sitting in danger and being trapped, it is the work of your mother and son." In 1368, when the Ming army approached Dadu, the strange empress and the prince fled northward with Emperor Yuanshun. Qi did not make Lu Queen Wu Zetian, but saw the downfall of Dayuan Jiangshan.

but the Gaoli tribute women and eunuchs who can influence the political situation of the Korean Bureau, after all, there are only a few who mix to the top of the pyramid, and most of them can only end up in the deep palace and become "Shangyang white-haired people." However, these large numbers of Koryo people approached the supreme ruler of Mongolia and had some influence on the culture of the Yuan Dynasty.

Yuan poet Zhang Yu's "Palace ci" Zeng Yun: "the palace dress is new and beautiful, and it is cut over the shoulder and half the arm." All night long, the family competed to borrow it, because they had come here before. " Because of the large number of Korean people in the court, the Yuan Dynasty also blew up the "Korean wave". Koryo clothes were romantic for a while, which was also an interesting story.