More than 6 million Jews founded Israel. Why are 30 million Kurds homeless?

More than 6 million Jews founded Israel. Why are 30 million Kurds homeless?
The Kurds are one of the oldest peoples in the Middle East.

6.69 million: 30 million, this is not a simple numerical comparison, but a comparison of the living environment of the two nationalities. Today, 6.69 million Jews live in Israel, living a rich and comfortable life. 30 million Kurds in the same region have been homeless and discriminated against for nearly 400 years. The difference in treatment between the two is so great that they have to lament the difficulty of Kurdish survival.



the legacy of colonization

despite the dismemberment of Kurdistan, the Kurdish call for a unified state continues unabated. Kurds living separately from Turkey, Iran, and Iraq set up government institutions and armed forces to compete with their host countries. Turkey, Iran, and Iraq often use each other's Kurds as a means to contain each other, but there is always a limit to their use. The three countries suppress the Kurds more than they use them, and they can always reach an agreement on attacking the Kurds, especially Turkey. The reluctance of countries to change the status quo has undoubtedly made it more difficult for the Kurds to build a state.


as a member of NATO, Turkey is tough on the Kurds, and the West has to stand in the same trench with its allies. Turkey does not recognize the existence of Kurds in the country, calling them "mountain Turks". After the outbreak of the Iraq war, 70% of the coalition's airlift supplies and 1x3 fuel had to be transferred through Turkey. Considering Turkey's position, Europe and the United States only want to improve the human rights situation of the Kurds and do not support the establishment of an independent Kurdistan state. Under the influence of the great powers, the Kurds are just pawned in the geopolitical game and cannot control their destiny.

Internal discord

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