It is by no means a guard with a knife in the Qing Palace Opera.

It is by no means a guard with a knife in the Qing Palace Opera.
As the name implies, the official position is to manage the guards, but there is also a word "inside", which refers to the palace.

when China's feudal society entered the Qing Dynasty, the whole feudal bureaucratic system had been quite perfect, and the Qing Dynasty only needed to copy it. But everything is different. It is well known that the Qing Dynasty is a dynasty established by ethnic minorities, so this dynasty has many differences in addition to following the previous dynasty.

Minister in charge of the guard. As the name implies, this official position is to manage the bodyguard, but there is also a word" inside ", which refers to the palace, so this office must be responsible for managing the emperor's guard.  since it is about the safety of emperors, the importance of this official position is self-evident.  however, in all previous dynasties, there were positions responsible for guarding the forbidden palace and protecting the safety of the emperor, so why was the minister of the guard unique?

 during the reign of Kangxi,  the interior minister of the guard was honored and  Pearl. In the early Qing Dynasty, due to the struggle for power within the Qing court and parts of the country are still in a situation of disputes, in this unstable situation, it is difficult for the emperor to monopolize power, one of the reasons is the division of military power. And because there was a case of Dourgen and other patriarchal clans fighting for power in the past, the power would be devolved to individual Manchurian pro-dignitaries. Under such a background, Aoba was able to cover the sky with only one hand.

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 Yin Xiang needless to say, in the early days of the crisis-ridden Yongzheng Dynasty, Yin Xiang played an indispensable role in stabilizing the government. At the same time, he was an absolute supporter and vanguard of Emperor Yongzheng's commitment to reform, but unfortunately, he died young.

 in the future, the well-known minister of the Chamberlain will be  Sushun of the Xianfeng Dynasty. During the Xianfeng period, the Qing Dynasty had already changed from prosperity to decline, and even the river was declining. After inheriting from Datong, the young "son of misfortune" did not mean to be depressed, but to rectify the regime and try to turn things around.