In the early days, Zheng Chenggong's Northern Expedition,

In the early days, Zheng Chenggong's Northern Expedition,
In 1657, Zheng Chenggong was ready to march, only to fail twice.

in 1644, after the Qing army entered the customs, it immediately began the pace of unifying the whole country, while some Ming clans and generals established a series of political power in the south, which was called "Nanming" in history. In the face of the precarious situation, some generals of the Southern Ming Dynasty tried to turn the tide and revive the rivers and mountains, of which the most fruitful and influential was the Northern Expedition launched by Zheng Chenggong in 1659.

return from destruction to a fiasco

first of all, Zheng Chenggong's side missed an opportunity

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secondly, Zheng Chenggong, who started at sea, is too dependent on the navy and has shortcomings in land combat capability

Zheng Chenggong, who started his career at sea

again, the Nanming regime has never had a unified core of leadership.Cooperation

finally, the strong comprehensive strength and appropriate strategies and tactics of the Qing Dynasty also led to Zheng Chenggong's final failure of the Northern Expedition