How difficult is a Japanese brigade to fight? Even a stubble like Li Yunlong is enough to drink a pot.

How difficult is a Japanese brigade to fight? Even a stubble like Li Yunlong is enough to drink a pot.
Unlike the mainstream military powers in the world at that time, Japan based on its own national conditions and military situation

I believe that people who have read the novel or the TV series "shining Sword" will be impressed by the battle of Li Jiapo at the beginning. In this battle, to deal with a Japanese Yamazaki brigade, the eighth Route Army dispatched a large number of troops, but there was nothing they could do about it. After many unsuccessful attacks and paying a heavy price, Li Yunlong, who had the "halo of the protagonist" on his head, led an independent regiment and made great efforts to wipe it out.

such a tragic war makes many people who do not know much about the history and the military cannot help asking: how strong is a Japanese brigade? Are they really difficult to deal with?

unit, "squadron", "brigade", "brigade," division, "army" and "front army".  if compared with the established system of our army, the level of the Japanese detachment is equivalent to the class, and the level of the brigade is equivalent to that of the battalion. However, in terms of scale, the Japanese brigade is much larger than the battalion or even the reinforced battalion in our country and other countries.

in terms of weapon configuration, a Japanese squadron is fully equipped with 181men, equipped with 9 light machine guns, 9 grenade launchers equivalent to light mortars, 139 rifles, a machine gun squadron with 12 heavy machine guns, and an infantry squadron equipped with 2 Type 92 70mm infantry guns. As a result, a brigade's total infantry weapons include 556 rifles, 36 light machine guns, 36 grenade launchers, 12 heavy machine guns, and 2 infantry guns.

some people may say that most of the national troops in the Taierzhuang campaign were armed by local warlords, their combat effectiveness was not strong, and their equipment was also very poor. Well, in the Battle of Kunlun pass in 1939, the 5th Army's main honorary division and 200th division, which received a bonus to Soviet weapons and had an absolute advantage in numbers, stormed a brigade of the Japanese 21st Brigade, which besieged Kunlun pass. It took 6300 casualties to destroy the opponent, and the casualty ratio between the Chinese and Japanese armies also reached 5:1.

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so, what is the level of weapons configuration of the Japanese brigade? It would not be worth mentioning if it were put on the European battlefield of World War II. Among other things, in 1941, the Soviet infantry battalion had three infantry companies, one machine gun company, one mortar company, and one anti-tank platoon, with 560 men, equipped with 27 submachine guns, 273 rifles, 42 light machine guns, 24 heavy machine guns, 9 50 mm mortars, 4 82 mm mortars, 2 45 mm anti-tank guns, 2 120 mm mortars and 4 flamethrowers.