Are all the heroes of the Outlaws of the Marsh forced to rise to Liangshan by the corrupt court?

Are all the heroes of the Outlaws of the Marsh forced to rise to Liangshan by the corrupt court?
When it comes to the Outlaws of the Marsh, the first thing that comes to mind is eight hundred miles of water and Liangshan, and when it comes to Shuipo Liangshan, you will think of a phrase-"forced to go up Liangshan"!

When it comes to the Outlaws of the Marsh, the first thing that comes to mind is eight hundred miles of water and Liangshan, and when it comes to Shuipo Liangshan, you will think of a phrase-"forced to go up Liangshan"! 


It is true that a hundred and eight generals gathered in Liangshan to revolt and were "forced" to go up the mountain, but the key question is, who forced it! 

Many of them are forced by their people! 

Today, the author will introduce you to these typical representatives. 

Xu Ning, who was cheated by relatives. 

Like Lin Chong, the golden gunner Xu Ning is also the head of the 800000 forbidden army in Tokyo, but he is the head of the golden gun class, and he is appreciated by the emperor because he is the only one in the world because of the golden gun and the hook-and-sickle method. He is called the "golden gunner"-- what a sight! 

By the time the double whips extorted Liangshan, he had already been idle at home and received a generous treatment. 

Who thought that the rest of his life was ruined by his strong point, the hook and sickle marksmanship! 

This is because to solicit Liangshan's call, the horse array is used, and his hook sickle marksmanship is its only nemesis! 

Liangshan suffered heavy losses in the process of confrontation with Huyanzhao "an iron armored horse". There was no way. The organization needed Xu Ning, so he needed to go up the mountain! 

Xu Ning's uncle brother Qian Baanzi Tang long was from Liangshan. He suggested that he could steal Xu Ning's family treasure, "Yanling Circle Golden Armor", and then lure him up the mountain. 

So Liangshan sent the god to steal the drum on the flea and sneak into Xufu to steal the golden armor. 

After that, Tang long came to visit hypocritically, "accidentally" learned that Xu Ning's family heirloom had been stolen, and "inadvertently" learned the trail of the thief, and said "enthusiastically" that he would be arrested together. 

When Xu Ning was very grateful and went with him to hunt down Bianliang and arrived in Shandong, he gave Xu Ning a Mongolian sweat medicine and took it to Liangshan! 

At the same time, Song Jiang asked Tang long to wear ring gold armor to Tokyo and took Xu Ning's family to Liangshan under the name of Xu Ning. on his return, Tang long robbed goods on the way-- of course, under the name of Xu Ning! 

In this way, Xu Ning has no way out! 

Can only go to Liangshan! 

Zhu Kui, who attaches great importance to affection and righteousness, meets Song Jiang, who is "righteous and cloudy".

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After Gui Gai, Wu Yong, and others robbed the birthday class in the Water margin, Yuncheng County ordered Gongzhu Gong Zhu with a beautiful beard to catch him and a group of people, but Zhu Jie attached great importance to affection and righteousness, so he gave him a favor and let a bunch of people go free-- first, he let Lei Heng attack the front door of the village, saying that he went to the back door to "ambush"-- when Jing Gai broke through the back door, Zhu Jie not only let him go but also suggested that he go to Liangshanpo to drop grass. 

It is tantamount to saving the lives of seven people, including Luo Gai. 

After that, when Song Jiang killed Yan Boxi, the magistrate deliberately showed favoritism, so he sent Zhu Kui to arrest Song Jiang. 

Zhu Kui not only deliberately did not find Song Jiang but also advised Song Jiang to take refuge on a long journey. 

After returning to the county government, he managed up and down again, which finally suppressed Song Jiang's case for the time being. 

When his old partner, Tiger Lei, killed Bai Xiuying, the new magistrate, he managed Lei Heng up and down again. 

This is not over. When Lei Heng was sent to Jeju and escorted by Zhu Kui, Zhu unexpectedly let Lei Heng go on the way-- and then went back to the county government to turn himself in and "broke 20 spine sticks and stabbed Cangzhou Prison City" for Lei Heng alive. 

What will happen to such a person who attaches great importance to emotion and righteousness when he meets Song Jiang who is "righteous and cloudy" again? 

Return the favor? 

It's a fairy tale! 

It is said that later, after Zhu Jun came to Cangzhou, Tianxing was lucky not to go to prison, because he was predestined to be loved by his son Xiaoya, the governor of Cangzhou-the child liked his beard. 

So the magistrate let Zhu Xun take the Xiao Ya to the street to play every day. 

This is more beautiful than being in prison! 

It seems that he is not attractive to him to be a "hero" when he thinks of letting Zhu Kui, an important criminal of the imperial court, be released several times, and it is his long-cherished wish to be an innocent person in a down-to-earth manner. 

Song Jiang sent Wu Yong, his hardcore confidant Li Kui and Zhu Kui's old partner Lei Heng, and staged a cruel "good" play: Ghost Festival, Zhu Kui took his youngest son out to play, ran into Lei Heng "by chance" and was dragged to a secluded place. See Wu Yong. 

Zhu Xun politely refused to ask him to go up the mountain. 

Seeing this, Li Kui came to power-- he swung his ax and hacked a four-year-old, childish and ignorant child to death: 

Li Kui said, "I put some anesthetic in my mouth and carried it straight out of the city. Now I'm sleeping in the woods, so please go and see it yourself." 

When Zhu Tong snatched into the woods in the bright moonlight, he saw Xiaoya lying on the ground. 

When Zhu Kui put his hand to help, he saw his head split in half and die there. " 

Now Zhu Tong has made a big deal! 

He was originally charged with the important task of protecting the beloved son of the magistrate, but now he unexpectedly watched the child be killed! 

I was so desperate that I had to go to Liangshan! 

I would like to ask: what is wrong with that child? 

What does the corruption of the Song Dynasty have to do with him? 

And the magistrate owes great gratitude to Zhu Yun, while Zhu Tongyou owes great gratitude to the people on Liangshan. As a result, the people on Liangshan bite the hand that feeds them, not only harming innocent children but also putting Zhu Tong, who is so affectionate and righteous, under the name of "ingratitude" and embarking on the road of a fugitive that he is most unwilling to take. 

"simple and rude" simply solve the problem-if Ando doesn't go up the mountain, he will kill your lover.

When Song Jiang attacked Daming House, he had a carbuncle on his back and there was no good doctor on Liangshan. 

Wu Yong learned that there is a folk doctor named Daoquan in Jiankang House (present-day Nanjing, Jiangsu Province). He is a local well-known ancestral doctor who is very good at medicine and surgery. He once cured Zhang Shun's mother's back disease (it seems that people with ability and self-discipline can't make friends with people in rivers and lakes). It can be called a "magic doctor". 

So he sent Zhang Shun to invite him. 

This Daoquan is a cure for the head of a thief in Liangshan, but of course, he won't! 

There is no way. Zhang Shun only depends on the opportunity to act. 

Zhang Shun knows that a Daoquan has a lover Li Qiaonu who is a prostitute in Jiankang Mansion. It seems that his reluctance to go up the mountain has something to do with the gentle countryside! 

So he frowned and made up his mind! 

At first, he lied that Zhang Wang wanted to invite a Daoquan to eat hob meat and cheated him away, then he sneaked into Li Qiaonu's house, said nothing, killed Li Qiaonu first, then killed Li Qiaonu's adoptive mother, and finally left a line of blood on the wall: "Killer a Daoquan"! 

When Ando came back, he was terrified to see a room full of two dead bodies. 

Not only for the death of the lover but also for himself-who knows if this executioner will kill himself, too? 

The back road is broken, we have no choice but to go to Liangshan! 

To say that Li Qiaonu, although the dust, but not bad, at the same time, a Daoquan saved Zhang Shun, Zhang Shun hurt a Daoquan!