Why did Britain give up its colonial rule over India after World War II?

Why did Britain give up its colonial rule over India after World War II?
In the British colonial system, the most important land is India, the so-called "pearl in the crown of the British Empire", India is the most important part of the British colonial system.

in the history of the world, Britain used to be the strongest "sunset empire". It had a strong navy (the navy was more than two or three combined), had the largest number of colonies in the world, with a total area of 33.67 million square kilometers larger than that of czarist Russia in its heyday, and controlled the world's population of 400-500 million people. The whole world was prostrate at the feet of the queen.

As we all know, one of the most important reasons why Britain was able to become the first super industrial power in human history in the 19th century and maintained its hegemony for hundreds of years is that it has mastered a large number of colonies. These colonies provided it with a large number of raw materials, such as sugar, rubber, spices, and so on, so that Britain could obtain raw materials free of charge and dump industrial products at lower prices. In this way, British industry can run rampant in the world.

after the end of World War I, Britain found that the situation had changed again. Specifically, Britain found that colonial business was becoming more and more difficult. Not only do you not make money, but you may lose money instead. Why?

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