Why are the rivers in our country often called rivers in the south, in the central plains of North China, and in the northeast?

Why are the rivers in our country often called rivers in the south, in the central plains of North China, and in the northeast?
The land of mountains and rivers in our country is indeed a vertical and horizontal water network.

billion years, Asian East Empire,

Mountains are independent, rivers spread civilization waves

400 people and gods

Land production

raise my Huanglong Love Flag

this is a song "Patriotic Song" at the end of the 19th century, with impassioned lyrics and patriotic feelings. In the perilous years of that nation, many warm-blooded men were inspired to join the army, work hard and turn the tide.

just as the lyrics say: "rivers spread civilization waves", China's mountains and rivers are indeed vertically and horizontally covered by rivers. Open the map, throughout the country, countless rivers run through it. If you take a closer look and pay attention to the names of these water systems, you will find an interesting phenomenon.

first, look at the southern part of China. Most of the large rivers are named "XX River". Pearl River, Xiangjiang River, Ganjiang River, Minjiang River, Chongjialing River, Minjiang River, Jinsha River, Nujiang River, Lancang River, Hanjiang River, Qiantang River. The most famous is the Yangtze River, which runs through more than ten provinces in China. Only small waterways are called rivers, such as the Suzhou River, Wanquan River, and Qinhuai River.

but north of the Yangtze River, the "XX" River almost disappears. Big or small, the current is often called the "XX River", such as the Huaihe River in the southern tangerine-north trifoliate orange, the Fence River in Shanxi, the Haihe River in Tianjin and Hebei, the distinct Weihe River, the Yongding River under Lugou Bridge, not to mention the Yellow River, the mother river of the Chinese nation.

but further north and to the northeast, the "XX River" has become the mainstream again. Most of the major rivers are called rivers, such as the Songhua River, Yalu River, Tumen River, Wusuli River, Nenjiang River, and Heilongjiang River.

so, what's the difference between this river? Why is it that in our country, the south is called the river, and the north is called the river, and outside the customs is also called the river?

Let's start with the evolution of ancient names for rivers.

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