What on earth is the "Zhou Fuqing bribery case" that changed Lu Xun's fate?

What on earth is the "Zhou Fuqing bribery case" that changed Lu Xun's fate?
Lu Xun's grandfather Zhou Fuqing, a native of Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province, won the Jinshi examination in the tenth year of Tongzhi.

Lu Xun can be said to be the most familiar modern writer to the Chinese people, and the satire and whipping of the feudal system in his articles are still fresh in people's memory, especially when he was born in a feudal bureaucratic family, he boldly went abroad to study in Japan at the end of the Qing Dynasty, and he had a lot of courage in the social environment at that time. 

The reason why Mr. Lu Xun embarked on a life path different from that of most people was related to his grandfather's prison. 

Who is Lu Xun's grandfather? 

Lu Xun's grandfather, Zhou Fuqing, a native of Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province, entered the Imperial Academy as a scholar. He was distributed to Ren Qipin Zhengtang, Jinxi County, Jiangxi Province. On the 24th of the first month of Guang Xu's fourth year, he was impeached by Shen Baozhen, governor of the Liangjiang River. 

To rectify the administration of officials in the two rivers, Shen Baozhen impeached 12 officials, big and small, to the emperor at one time. 

After receiving Shen Baozhen's book, the emperor handed it to the Ministry of officials for deliberation. The Ministry of officials concluded that Zhou Fuqing had been governor of the county for more than half a year, and it was not suitable for the rule that incompetence could be adjusted within half a year. However, Zhou Fuqing can retire in the position of a magistrate of seven grades according to precedent. 

From this point of view, Zhou Fuqing not only had excellent family conditions but also had a wide range of contacts, otherwise how could he have changed from being on the verge of losing his official position to working in the central government? what is even rarer is that Zhou Fuqing has been in this post for nearly 14 years, which can be said to be like a fish in water. 

In March of Guang Xu's 19th year, Zhou Fuqing returned to his hometown in Shaoxing, Zhejiang, to keep rules for his mother because of Ding You. that year, his grandson Zhou Shuren was 13 years old. as an official family, when he was supposed to enjoy his family, the Zhou family fell because of a disaster that should not have happened, and since then changed the course of Zhou Shuren's life, that is, Lu Xun. 

A "normal" bribery incident. 

On August 22nd, Guang Xu, a letter from Song Jun, governor of Zhejiang Province, once again sent the name Zhou Fuqing to the emperor's desk. 

Just 25 days ago, when Yin Ruzhang, the examiner in charge of the Zhejiang rural examination, was on a boat in Suzhou, he received a letter "entrusting the joint," as well as a "check" for 10,000 yuan of foreign silver, and the owner of the letter and the silver ticket. It was Zhou Fuqing who went from Shaoxing to Beijing to visit his relatives at that time. 

The reason why Zhou Fuqing dredged the relationship with the examiner in charge of the Zhejiang rural examination was that his son Zhou Yongji (Lu Xun's father) was going to take part in the Zhejiang rural examination that year, and second, Zhou Fuqing and Yin Ruzhang were both Xin Weike Jinshi in Tongzhi ten years and had a friendship in the same year, so Zhou Fuqing sent Tao Ashun, a domestic helper temporarily borrowed from his hometown Chen Shunquan, to send letters to Yin Ruzhang's boat to intercede and bribe. 

In such an officialdom atmosphere, the request was normal, but the silver dollar opened the way. Zhou Fuqing felt that it was foolproof, so he not only interceded for his son but also asked for five candidates, such as Ma Jian, who was from his hometown, in his letters. But these five candidates and their families did not know about it. Zhou Fuqing planned to ask for credit from the other five families after the matter was done so that he could earn back the money given to Yin Ruzhang. 

Even in his letters, he agreed on the code in the answer papers of the rural examinees, so that the examiners could identify "their people" so that they could take more care of them, but Zhou Fuqing did not expect that such a "normal" little thing nearly killed him. 

Zhou Fuqing, who was in danger of suffering from a great disaster. 

After receiving the letter and the silver ticket, Yin Ruzhang, the examiner, immediately asked someone to detain the letter and the messenger and hand it over to Suzhou for custody and interrogation. 

Such things as bribery have always been in the grey area of officialdom that would rather be known than seen. Once the lid is lifted and the charge of fraud is carried out, it is the crime of beheading. 

Therefore, as soon as the emperor knew about the case, he immediately asked the cabinet to send an order to Zhou Fuqing to "dismiss Zhou Fuqing immediately, investigate and get the case, and strictly adjudicate it." 

With all the evidence and material evidence, Zhou Fuqing returned to Zhejiang from Shanghai to turn himself in, while his son Zhou Yongji and Ma Jiatan were stripped of their fame (the other four narrowly escaped because they did not mention a specific name in the letter). 

After interrogation and reports at various levels, Shang Shu Songshu of the Ministry of punishment made it clear to the emperor on December 25 that according to the usual practice, "examiners of township associations and examinees, such as traffic orders to bribe and buy joints, were asked to do so." and according to the example of the fraud case in Xianfeng's eight years, Zhou Fuqing should have asked for it, but because Zhou Fuqing did not accept the foreign ticket Yin Ruzhang. 

Therefore, it does not constitute the actual bribery, "compared with the traffic joint has not been hit, the plot seems to be different", and given Zhou, Fuqing can also take the initiative to surrender, the Ministry of punishment thinks that Zhou Fuqing's sentence should be commuted. 

The case of Zhou Fuqing, which is full of doubts. 

Although Zhou Fuqing was released, the family of the Zhou family never recovered. Lu Xun, who should have taken the imperial examination step by steps like his grandfather and father, turned to the Mining Railway School attached to the Jiangnan Land teacher School to learn Western knowledge, thus changing his thought and outlook on life. 

The origin of this Tao Ashun is also quite strange. He was originally a domestic helper of Chen Shunquan's family in Shaoxing. He was temporarily borrowed and waited on by Zhou Fuqing, who went to Beijing. 

But Zhou Fuqing has been an official for many years, and he still has the money to take care of his future. How can he not even have a close family member and want to borrow other domestic helpers? 

He even told a rough man about the delivery of the letter through the joint. 

Moreover, such things as cheating can only be secret and secret, so why should Zhou Fuqing dredge the relationship between the five students from his hometown? 

Ma Chuanxu, who Zhou Fuqing wanted to dredge the relationship, was the Hui Yuan of Xianfeng's seven years, and he was also a second-class Jinshi at that time. His ability and contacts were not comparable to Zhou Fuqing's donated cabinet. 

Moreover, the editor of the Hanlin Academy is a noble minister who can always approach the emperor. If he can be cited as an Olympic aid, it is bound to increase Zhou Fuqing's chances of success. 

After learning that Yin Ruzhang was the examiner of the rural examination in the same year, Zhou Fuqing took the initiative to ask Yin Ruzhang to ask Yin Ruzhang to ask six people, including his son, to raise the name of Ma Jian in order to increase the leverage of his relationship in Beijing. 

However, as an official of Ding Yu, he was supposed to abide by the rules in his hometown and could not easily go out. This time, the act of "visiting relatives" could not be known, so he had to ask Tao Ashun to go there. Unexpectedly, the borrowed servant nearly sent himself to the court.

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