AK47 automatic rifle

AK47 automatic rifle
It is the most popular automatic rifle in the world and the favorite weapon of soldiers.

in the movie King of War, the protagonist Yuri once said: "it is the most popular automatic rifle in the world and the favorite weapon of soldiers." The weapon in his mouth is the AK-47 automatic rifle. This rifle is the pride of the former Soviet military industry and the usual killer of villains in the film. The legend of a generation of gun kings has been forged around the "six most" of AK-47.

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AK-47 parts are mostly made by stamping, forging and welding, so the price is naturally on the low side. Although Kalashnikov improved the original casing with steel milling case, the price of guns hovered at a low level. The lower price has undoubtedly become the best promotional advertisement for AK-47.

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in a US military program, firearms experts evaluate some commonly used firearms. The whole evaluation is divided into five aspects: shooting accuracy, combat effectiveness, uniqueness of design, convenience of maintenance, and duration of use. As a result, AK-47 got the highest score except for shooting accuracy. This also explains the reason why AK-47 pressed M16 from one side. Being able to get the recognition of opponents fully illustrates the success of the AK-47.

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